Meet Atilia, a rising star from Malaysia, that stunned many people at Java Jazz 2008 with her great performance. Atilia is set to be the next crooners in Malaysia. She has crisp husky voice that sounds very beautiful. Her mom, Salamiah Hassan is not a stranger for Malaysians, one of the most renowned jazz and evergreen singers in the country.
Does the fact give her some advantages or setbacks? “No one wants to be the shadows of another.But with my mum, I take it as a blessing and priviledge. After all, without her, where would I be now?” she said. “She was my drive, my catalyst, my support and the shoulder that I cry on when I need to bawl out. In all, no one can have a better best friend than what I have with my mum.”
Born in the southern state of Johor, and grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Atilia feels complete support from her family. That boost up her confidence in creating some of the finest melodies in Malaysia. The evident is revealed in her debut album, “Sangkar” that has launched in March 2007 and marketed domestically in June 2007 in Malaysia.
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