domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

Cheryl Bentyne

Emergiendo con la frescura del Hard Bop y Ritmos de la costa Este
su inconfundible voz de soprano marcó la línea interpretativa
 del famoso cuarteto Manhattan Transfer

Cheryl Bentyne
jazz singer

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Born on January 17, 1954, Cheryl was raised in a musical family. Along with her parents, Cheryl and her three brothers lived in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Her father was a swing musician, known as “The Benny Goodman of the Northwest.” Her mother was a singer, so it was only natural that Cheryl would be interested in music. Her interests included theatre, classical piano – which she studied for seven years – and of course, singing. She began singing at age 13. “My mother, who heard me sing in a school play, said, ‘My God! You can sing! Why don’t you go sing with your Dad?” So on Friday and Saturday nights, I’d be singing tunes like “Hello Dolly” and “Am I Blue?” to Dixie and swing fans,” Cheryl remembers. Singing these tunes with her father’s band at the Elks Club gave her a lot of great experience. When asked about her musical influences, Cheryl says: “My father – a great swing musician, clarinet especially!” Cheryl is often given the clarinet parts in the vocalese tunes the group has done – her voice is perfectly suited to be a clarinet. She adds, “My mother was an encouraging force and got me singing in my Dad’s band.” She also lists Judy Garland, “for being the greatest of them all.”
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