domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008

Valerie Kimani

Valerie Kimani (Kenia)-

Ganadora de la 1era edición del 2006 de Tusker Project Fame (Operación Triunfo de Africa del Este; Edición Regional en el que se realiza un casting por toda "África del Este" en los países de Kenia, Tanzania y Uganda.)

Valerie is a young, fresh, energetic and passionate musician. Although she only recently burst on the scene as winner of East Africa's reality show Project Fame, this 22-year-old singer exudes the confidence of a seasoned international musician. Part of her winning package was a three-year contract to Africa's leading music label Gallo Records in South Africa and she is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut album most of which is being recorded in Kenya. Her style is a cross between Jill Scott and Joss Stone with strong traces of her East African roots. Her repertoire is dynamic and engaging and always leaves crowds wanting more. Warm, approachable and spontaneous she is also intense with emotion when writing or performing her songs. It is her belief that, given the right environment and encouragement, we all possess an innate ability and desire to create, "I represent colour through my energy, enthusiasm and excitement" she has said.

Album title: Baisikeli (2008-03-03)

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