MoFrancesco Quintetto

MoFrancesco Quintetto


Piedra Solar is an homage to the Iberian peninsula. It contains original compositions, arrangements of anonymous pieces of classical andalusian music, and contemporary pieces like those of Catalan pianist and composer Federico Mompou, all arranged by members of the group. Anonymous poetic texts from the Al-Andalusian period, like those of Federico Garcia Lorca are interpreted and highlighted, and inspiration from imagery presented in José Saramago’s book ‘The Stone Raft’ (1986) is emphasized. An Iberian imagery which is converted into live music, presented in the key of Jazz in which the musicians arrangement and improvisation are fundamental. All in all, it’s a little homage to ‘Olisipo’, the city of Lisbon, where this album was conceived and recorded.

Iuri Gaspar - Piano
Francesco Valente - Double Bass
Miguel Moreira- Drums
João Capinhar- Alto Sax
Johannes Krieger- Trumpet
Guto Lucena- Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax , Flute

Marcos Suzano - Percussion
Aline Frazão - Voice
Jaco Loredo - Voice!mofrancesco-quintetto/cmka

Actual Jazz 2014


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