"A Matter of style" - Daniel Bertolone

Hi Leo (Actual Jazz), i decided to write this article for your blog in english, since there are lots of people from different countries visiting the site.....

A Matter of style

First of all I would like to remark that I'm writing this article from a musician point of view, and not from a music teacher point of view;having said that I would like to start this article by saying that many people who have known me over the years, and also some students of mine, have bombarded me, ever since i retuned to uruguay, with the following question:
"Would you play blues again?" Or even more difficult to answer: Will "Días de Blues" come back together to play live, etc.....
Now, to the question "Would you play blues again"?, there is not really an answer for I keep playing blues today as I did in the past, and enjoy blues music; But, for many people it appears to them as if i stopped playing blues... Well, I would like to take this opportunity to categorically express that I play the blues as much as I always did... Now, if what they are referring to is "Will you play Días de Blues music again?" thats a different thing alltogether, and I'm afraid that to this question the answer is no... And this is not because I do not want to play it, I would like to play that music again, but I, as much as those people who have been asking me about playing that music, noticed that when I play that music, it doesnt sound the same as it did back then, when we were younger.....and when I analysed why would this had to be this way, I realized that we are not the same people we were then, I mean we are and we know we are, and enjoy what that music was, but if there is a reason that music sounded that way, especially live, is beacuse it was an spontaneous combustion of energy shared by three people tuned up in the same wave, but the sad part is that that sort of experience cannot be just acted out as if it was a play or movie, is not that simple, for it was the genuine and fresh expression of those three people at that time, and you can to a certain extent recreate it, but you cannot produce that again, ever, it is just impossible, it would be like travelling back in time in some sort of time machine....
All of which brings us to the present, and I must point that people do not listen to what I'm doing now with the seriousness and attention it deserves... Take for example my band, Madretierra, which is a latin fusion music band, has some incredible players, and the music is original in its conception and its realization,yet people do not hear those things, and continue to ask me to play dias de blues music... This is absolutely out of context, and people should know what kind of musical experience they are participating of.. Everytime we played live, it has been clearly stated what style of music we play (we play latin jazz fusion music) and certainly not Días de Blues music... What is really rewarding is that people who do not know of Días de Blues have enjoyed the music with the same enthusiasm as the one exhibited by the old Días de Blues fans... These people are free, and do not have expectations as to what we should or shouldnt play, they just listen, and that's all is required to enjoy this new music... A very good predisposition to listen, which by the way is the greatest musical experience...
In conclusion, everything goes through a process of change in this existence,even musicians and music, and in my case is no exception... In fact I feel rather satisfied that im playing what im playing now, and i do not neglect my past as a member of dias de blues, on the contrary, i feel rather proud of that past, but im what im now, and im not trying to, and will never try to be what I was in the past... That would be to fake things, and my music was, is, and will always be GENUINE AND FRESH, music which is running with and participating of the PRESENT, regardless of public acceptance or industry sale needs...
Cheers everyone, and keep playing, or listening, but be open to hear the music and dont try to impose onto others what they should or shouldnt be doing.
I wish everyone health, love and prosperity.

Daniel Bertolone

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