New York - Estados Unidos
Jazz / Progressive / Ritmos africanos
Musician, composer
"Contemporary jazz meets wild South American soul"

"Beledo is the epitome of excellent musical individuality and a profound example of the universality of jazz's presence and influence in every corner of our planet. His new recording, "Montevideo Jazz Dreams," exemplifies this and more." Stix Hooper

"BELEDO is considered a real myth among Uruguayan music connoisseurs," according to EL PAIS newspaper from Montevideo, Uruguay. Piano was Beledo's first instrument, however, he became a guitar hero in his late teenage years captivating audiences in Uruguay and Argentina.. Later on, his fusion effort of the early eighties in South America was noticed in the U.S. in articles for the upcoming talents in GUITAR PLAYER magazine and JAZZIZ magazine.

Recently in the US, he participated in Manolo Badrena's percussion instructional video explaining the different voices of the Afro-Uruguayan rhythm called Candombe, and performing a candombe fusion song on guitar with Manolo on percussion.

Beledo was the musical director of THE UPSIDE DOWN BOY, with music composed by CRISTIAN AMIGO. This musical was the 2004 production of the New York theatre and arts education and organization MAKING BOOKS SING.

In his last visit to MONTEVIDEO Beledo gave a master class at the UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC offering his perspective of harmony, composition, and improvisation to classical music students.

This time BELEDO went back to his home town of Minas, Uruguay where he performed an unforgettable solo concert at the Club Minas' Concert Hall.

In 1997 BELEDO went to Uruguay to perform a concert presenting the album LEJANAS SERRANIAS at the Theatre of the National Library. This is a World-Jazz acoustic work that incorporates classic Uruguayan musical forms such as triste, milonga, chimarrita, and candombe rhythms, as well as Spanish flamenco styles.

Here in the U.S., he is the guitar player on the album FORWARD MOTION of the band OJOYO featuring saxophonist and band leader MORRIS GOLDBERG , and drummer ANTON FIG.

He recorded piano and guitar for the candombe song "Speak To Me"by BAKITHI KUMALO from South Africa included in his second solo album IN FRONT OF MY EYES

in 1996 BELEDO toured with the TROPICAL TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES featuring TITO PUENTE, CELIA CRUZ, TITO NIEVES, CHEO FELICIANO, and an all-star line up of Latin artists. This tour included Spain, Portugal, and Martinique with concerts in Madrid, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Valencia, La Coruña, Lisbon, and Fort de France.

While he was based in Los Angeles, BELEDO attended the UCLA Certified Program for Film Scoring. Later, he co-produced music with PETER AYKROYD for the WARNER BROTHERS film, NOTHING BUT TROUBLE starring DEMI MOORE, JOHN CANDY, DAN AYKROYD, and CHEVY CHASE. Another sassion in L.A. for guitar player and composer BOB NAGY included GARY WILLIS (bass with Tribal Tech), and BILL BERG (drummer from Wayne Johnson Trio, Flim and the BB's, ). For three years BELEDO worked in ARGENTINA with PEDRO AZNAR (from The Pat Metheny Group), participating in his album, FOTOS DE TOKYO together with pianist MARIO PARMISANO (from Al Di Meola's Band). Aznar also participated in BELEDO's first album, ESCAPE.

BELEDO performed and recorded with the group OPA in 1987, Montevideo, Uruguay, featuring RUBEN RADA and the FATTORUSO brothers, on the live album called OPA EN VIVO.

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