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News - Pájaro Canzani "Transamericana!

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The great Uruguayan musician based in Paris, ex- member of legendary latin group Los Jaivas, releases his new CD “Transamericana", an album including influences from rock, candombe, afro, murga, and reggae with a strong Latin personality. Born in Fray Bentos, Uruguay, Pajaro Canzani entered the music scene at 17, when he won the First Uruguayan Candombe Beat Festival at Parque Harriague in the city of Salto. From then he became an almost mythical figure in the country. "... his first LP “Aguaragua”, recorded in 1973, ' is one of those rare cult discs of Uruguayan music".(La Republica, Montevideo)After a Brazilian period spent in Rio, he arrived in Buenos Aires in 1975 to join the famous Chilean group Los Jaivas. Together they recorded several influential discs. Beginning in 1977, they settled in Paris and toured regulary around the world. Canzani's activity was intense, recording extensively (sharing credits with Peter Gabriel among others), producing records for many other artists, and taking part in multiple, varied projects. His massive exposure in Uruguay came in 1995 with his CD “Rock latino”. The song “Chibidón” held number one on the charts for over a year, a rarity for a Latin artist on South American and French radio. When the Uruguayan Football Association asked for a song to represent the Copa America (football/Soccer championship) in '95, he composed “Todos goleando”, which became the tournament's official anthem and a continental hit, played for months on radios across South America. Canzani is making records and touring with Minino Garay y los Tambores del Sur, Ramiro Musotto & Orquesta Sudaka and just finished recording a live TV show, featuring Omar Sosa, for Mezzo on Festival Jazz a Vienne.Pajaro continues to produce innovative music. In his new work, “Transamericana”, he realizes an long-held creative dream: to unite, from coast to coast, the diverse cultural identities of the South American people using his knowledge of afro and native rhythms and original instruments. As guests, Ramiro Musotto, an Argentianian residing in Brazil, on percussions and berimbau (Carlinhos Brown, Lenine, Marisa Monte, Caetano Veloso), Fernando Samalea on drums (Charly Garcia, Joaquin Sabina), Nini Flores on accordion and the Sao Paulo hip hop band Z'Africa Brazil, among others. He also covers diferent classic songs like Daniel Viglietti's “A desalambrar”, and Spanish versions of Bob Marley's "I shot the sheriff" and Caetano Veloso's Tropicalista hymn “Baby”. The band: Pajaro Canzani, voc, guitars, perc - Patrick Bebey, keyb, pygmy flute, sanza, voc - Daniel Diaz, bass, fretless - Eddy Tomassi, perc, voc - Fabien Haimovici, drums - Mintcho Garrammone, guitarra bahiana, cavaquinho."Transamericana" - Produced by P Canzani, P Bebey & D Diaz, at Angel Studio, Paris.

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