miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

Jenni Alpert

A Pop / Nu Jazz Singer-songwriter.
A Los Angeles native.
Performs and writes on both the piano and guitar.
While attending UCLA, Jenni made her first record of 5 and independently began setting up performances across the U.S and internationally. To date she has toured over 14 countries including: UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, India, Nepal, Mexico, and Israel.Earlier this May, Jenni supported Loudon Wainright III in the US. She has also performed with Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, and Kaki King among others. In the studio, Jenni has worked with Niko Bolas (mixer), George Massenburg (mastering), Marshall Altman (producer / songwriter), Nathaniel Kunkel (engineer / producer), Steve Greenberg (SCurve / producer), Musicians: Russ Kunkel, Jimmy Paxson, Dean Parks, Carlos Rios, Daryl Johnson, Viktor Krauss, Matt Rollings, and Deron Johnson. Most recently Jenni recorded with Marshall Altman (producer / songwriter) and Jimmy Paxson (drummer / producer).Jenni's music has been featured on 'Lipstick Jungle' (Simple Mood), 'The Real World' (With One Breath), 'CSI Miami' (Breakin Down), and 'The Messengers' (CBS) (Fade Away). Jenni's music has been featured on XM Radio, the BBC in the UK, Desmet Live (NL), PBS (Australia), WXPN, WTMD, WERS, KVRX, KGRL, KVMR, KWMR, WUMB, KANZ (US).Special thanks to Staci Slater (The Talent House), Leslie Beers (Amygdala Music), Aldrex Caparos and Karen Takata (CBS), Brenden Okrent, Seth Saltzman, Sean Devine (ASCAP), Jimmy Paxson, John Lochen (Rosebud Agency), and Matt Messer (EMI).

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