Florencia Gonzalez

Florencia Gonzalez (Uruguay)

Jazz and classical saxophone performer, composer and arranger.
Born in Montevideo, she started her musical studies at the age of 6.
Florencia studied classical saxophone in the “Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay” and in the “Conservatorio Municipal de Musica” while studying jazz improvisation with the Cuban sax player Nicolas Reinoso and arranging with Orlando Tamargo.
After graduating she continued to study jazz and classical music in Buenos Aires (Argentina).She studied jazz improvisation with Carlos Lastra, Ricardo Cavalli, Rodrigo Dominguez, Ernesto Jodos and Juan Cruz Urquiza, among others. She also studied classical saxophone with Maria Noel Luzardo, and arranging with “Pollo” Raffo.
In 2003 Florencia entered the National Symphonic Orchestra of Uruguay, and the Canelones City Hall Orchestra.
She had also been performing a lot of different styles in a variety of groups (jazz, tango, bossa nova, rock, pop, funk, candombe, etc.) and acting as a music educator in various High Schools and Music Schools.
In 2004, after earning a significant scholarship, she moved to Boston, where, in 2007, she graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music with a Dual Bachelor Degree in Jazz Composition and Performance. While at Berklee, Florencia studied with George Garzone, Joe Lovano, Ed Tomassi, Ken Pullig and Greg Hopkins among others.
At the moment she is performing and teaching around the New England and New York area and still studying with Hal Crook and Charlie Banacos.

Web Side: http://florenciagonzalez.com/


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