domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

Cornelia Moore

Cornelia Moore is a voice-paintress. Blessed with an instrument that spans more than four octaves, the singer-composer-lyricist creates a multiplicity of shadings, transforming them into sound paintings that transfer her listeners to a more vulnerable, sensitive and creative world, thus evoking personal images and emotions. With her sensuous treatment of jazz literature, her courage to take risks, and her desire to explore the unknown, Cornelia Moore expresses and reflects all shades of human experience.
The Berlin-based artist studied voice, piano and composition with various teachers, further molding and redefining their concepts into a continuum of self expression. Breathing and voice therapist Margarete Seyd taught Cornelia the potentiality of kinesthetic awareness as the source of tone; songstress Jocelyn B. Smith empowered her with the art of vocal cushioning and texturizing ; and finally, Belcanto tenor Alex Curiotis passed on to Cornelia the Italian tradition of shaping the acoustic spaces of the vowels in order to create beautifully enriched sounds that express the innate emotional content of any language. Guitarist-composer-singer-producer Jean-Paul Bourelly as well as her husband, New York pianist-composer-arranger Reggie Moore gave Cornelia the "jump start" she needed to find her own personal sound. Through curious, relentless introspection, Cornelia has blossomed into a mature, truly inventive artist. She has been leading her own group since 1999. With her debut album "Beyond" (OWMCD 03-1) she is now introducing her music to the international scene.

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