domingo, 4 de enero de 2009

Carri Bella

Carri Bella’s exquisite voice calls to mind the whimsy of Annie Ross in one moment and the sultry stylings of Julie London in the next. While much of her repertoire is comprised of standards from the Great American Songbook, she steers clear of tired old stand-bys, instead opting for the quirkier side of Cole Porter or the Mancini tune that is rarely sung. Carri’s passion for story-telling with a twist also leads her to explore instrumental tunes with words added by clever lyricists. In fact, she has even penned a few of those herself. Some of those tunes will appear on her first CD, which will be available in 2008 (see blog for updates). In the meantime, you might catch her performing at a club, restaurant, winery or special event in the Pacific Northwest with any of the area’s top jazz instrumentalists. The Carri Bella Combo typically includes guitar or piano along with bass, drums or more intruments depending upon what the scene calls for.

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