jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008

Anne Ducros

A native of the Pas-de-Calais, Anne Ducros began her classical training (musical and vocal) at the conservatory of Boulogne-sur-Mer with Lyne Durian. Then while studying law at the University of Lille, she completed and refined her vocal skills under the tutelage of Yuri Anoff and Maddy Mespley. Afterward she studied baroque music in a course at the University, including Couperin, Twig and Bach. She was first introduced to vocal jazz in 1986. She set up her first jazz quartet with whom she won various international competitions (Prize for best soloist and best vocalist in the festival of jazz in Dunkirk; First prize for soloist and vocalist in the festival of jazz of Vienna in 1989). This growing recognition stimulated her inexhaustible will to sing and she sang at more concerts around France and released her first album of vocal jazz, "Don't You Take a Chance" at JTB in 1989. After this first recording was realized, she returned to the road to tour the festivals (Nice, Nantes, Barcelona, Izmir, Montreal.) During years 1992-1993, she taught vocal jazz at the ARPEJ in Paris and since 1994 she has been the manager of Prelude, first school of vocal jazz in Paris.
In 1995, Ducros participated in the recording of Friday 14 with Lugi Trussardi and added her voice to several songs on the album, published by Elabeth. With Gordon Beck, Sal la Rocca, Bruno Castellucci and Didier Lockwood, she Ducros recorded Purple Songs, published in 2001 by Dreyfus Jazz. For this album, Ducros was awarded by the Academy of the Jazz with the Billie Holiday Award in December 2001. This new award would not be her last, because in April 2002, the "Django d'Or/Victoires de la musique" awarded her with the prize of vocal artist of the year.Her cover of the song "Taking a Chance on Love" was used in the 2005 Chanel Chance perfume commercials.

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