Natasha Patamapongs (Oong/โอ่ง)


Artist and jazz vocalist, swing and bossa nova
Signed with Warner Music and just released first album in February 2009

Natasha has a signature crystal clear voice with a unique style that can adapt to the genre of music she sings.
The clarity in her spoken English and wide range of repertoire ranging from traditional Swing to Brazilian Latin music have afforded Natasha the opportunity to be recommended by dozens of eminent musicians in Bangkok. Natasha has performed in shows with Koh Mr. Saxman and with Dr. Denny Euprasert. Natasha’s voice is warm, soothing, and down-to-earth - her vocal quality and musicality has enabled her to transcend esoteric jazz audiences and reach crossover mainstream appeal.

Natasha is also a gifted fine artist and she first attended Carnegie Mellon University in 2003 as a Fine Arts major. She started singing for fun along with playing acoustic guitar but began to focus on Jazz at Carnegie Mellon under the guidance of Betsy Lawrence. In 2008, Natasha graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Bachelor of Humanities and Arts (BHA) in International Relations and Music Technology (Dual-Degree) with two minors in History of the Arts, and Jazz Vocal Performance.
 Natasha sings in perfect English and Thai and is capable of singing in Portuguese. Her repertoire consists of 200+ jazz standards and is constantly growing.


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