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Vanessa Amorosi

Australia - 27 años - Cantante
Vanessa Amorosi was born in Melbourne on the 8th of August 1981 to parents who were professional singer/dancers working in the Australasian theatre restaurant and cabaret circuit. Being surrounded by music and wonderful voices was to have a lasting and positive effect on Vanessa. Before she could speak real words, she could be heard singing along with her mother, father, uncles, aunties and grandparents. When Vanessa was 4, along with her younger sisters, she would go to Tap, Jazz and Classical Ballet classes, which were being run by her uncle. She took to dance like a duck to water and it was obvious to everyone that Vanessa had a promising future. At the age of 12 Vanessa started to perform in shopping centers and local council concerts under the supervision of her family and teachers.At the age of 14, Vanessa began volunteer work, helping disadvantaged children. The impact of making friends with children that had a terminal illness was to have a lasting effect on Vanessa. She continues to work for the betterment and welfare of children through her involvement in Kids Help-Line and as a patron of the Variety Club.Vanessa also enjoyed a short period training with the army, but fortunately for the entertainment industry and her fans, was soon back in the civilian world continuing to sing. One venue, in which she regularly performed, was a Russian restaurant in Melbourne. It was here, in 1997, that Jack Strom heard Vanessa sing for the first time. She was only 15½ years old at the time.Jack had worked with and observed many of the world's greatest performers through his long entertainment and television production career (which includes the long-running 'Hey Hey It's Saturday') but as he says, he got "goosebumps" on first hearing Vanessa's amazing voice.Jack brought his old friend and soon-to-be business partner Mark Holden, along to hear the young girl in the Russian restaurant. Mark was also no stranger to real talent, having achieved considerable success as an actor, television host, singer and songwriter / producer for a number of very successful International artists. Mark also got those "goosebumps" on hearing a special and unique voice coming from one so young.In 1998 Vanessa signed to her current management company, MarJac Productions, resulting in a deal with CBK Productions an Australian production company. From this, Vanessa was signed to the independent label Transistor Music for Australia and New Zealand. The way in which to best showcase this unique voice soon became obvious when Mark and Jack discovered that to their pleasant surprise, Vanessa was also an extremely talented songwriter.Thus began the rapid rise to success of this unique Australian recording artist.Vanessa's debut single HAVE A LOOK, released in July 1999, achieved Gold status in just 7 weeks and was a huge hit across the country - certainly an impressive start to a new recording career.ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY was the second single to be released (November 1999) and instantly became a huge success, going Gold in just 3 weeks. This incredibly infectious track had everything going for it. It wasn't just a good song with wonderfully positive lyrics, it was a fabulous pop record, that made you just want to get up and dance.This track has nearly achieved Double Platinum sales in Australia and has become the longest charting single by an Australian female artist - ever.ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY has also reached Gold status in New Zealand and has become the second longest charting single on their charts.Vanessa's debut album, THE POWER entered the Australian charts with Gold sales at No.1 position and achieved Platinum status just 3 weeks later, confirming her position as one of the most incredibly successful artists in Australian history.This extraordinary album reflects Vanessa's versatility as a vocalist and songwriter with a selection of R&B, Pop/Dance and Pop ballad tracks and has already surpassed Double Platinum sales.With THE POWER sitting at the top of the album charts and ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY still refusing to leave the singles charts, Vanessa's third single SHINE was released. This powerful and inspiring ballad jumped straight into the charts at no. 4 position, went Gold in just 2 weeks, and Platinum just one month later.Only one year after the release of her first single in Australia, Vanessa has launched her International career through Universal Music International (UK) and will no doubt repeat her incredible achievements to a worldwide audience. She has already performed in Singapore, Europe and the UK.ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY, named "record of the week" by the UK Music Industry magazine "Tip Sheet" has also been released internationally. It was released in the U.K.11/9/200 and debuted at number 7. The album THE POWER is due for release in October.Vanessa has:·Appeared on almost every Music and Variety show on Australian Television and many in Germany, Finland and England. ·Performed nationally with her own band and supported Savage Garden, Kate Ceberano and Taxiride on their Australian Tours.·Performed at the NRL Grand Final to an audience of 110,000 and 150 million television viewers.·Performed at the Sydney Opera House (2 Shows) and at Darling Harbour on New Year's Eve to usher in the new Century.·Won the Young Entertainer Of The Year Award, presented by the Variety Club of Australia.·Been presented with a special award from the Governor General, Sir William Deane, for recognition of her position as patron of the 'Kids Help-line' and in appreciation of her being a positive and inspiring role model for Australian youth.·Received no less than 6 ARIA nominations in the year 2000 awards, including Best Female Artist.·Performed HEROES LIVE FOREVER to 3.7 billion television viewers worldwide during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. ·Been given the additional honour of being asked to perform ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY during the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games.·Been asked to perform at the opening of the Para Olympic Games in Sydney.No matter how much success Vanessa enjoys, she will always make time for her beloved pets and has the ambition of owning her own farm where her pets, including her horses, bird, frog, cats, dogs, fish, camel and of course her rat, will join the many new additions along the way.Another of Vanessa's dreams is to establish a farm where disadvantaged kids will be able to visit and interact with the many animals she intends to keep.Now, at just 19 years of age, Vanessa has become the most successful female solo pop artists in the country and one of the most sought-after internationally.Vanessa's performances at the Olympics are sure to become major highlights in her professional career, yet they have happened only 14 months after it began.

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