Jacqueline Tabor (The Lady in the Gown - 2018)

 Nacida en Bellevue (2003), Washington (USA), se graduó de Sammamish High School donde estudió con Jack Halm (gran profesor de jazz), Distrito Escolar de Bellevue y en la Universidad del Pacífico de Seattle. Tabor también estudió Música e Historia en la Universidad del Sur en Baton Rouge, Louisiana, donde desarrolló una profunda comprensión del blues y los orígenes de la música jazz.
Jazz Singer (USA)
Sitio Web https://www.taborjazz.com/

The Lady in the Gown project (Jun 2018) has fifteen jazz tunes including one original title track. The name was inspired by the NPR/KNKX interview from 2016 where she was then to be labeled the Lady in the Gown. Tabor was looking for a fresh sound and decided to collaborate with the wonderful 200 Trio.  
Max Holmberg on drums is an inspiration to rhythm and brings a coolness and savvy more seasoned musicians yearn to obtain. Greg Feingold is a bass playing purist, meaning one who can play without electronic amplification. The strength of his strumming is tremendous and subtle at the same time. He commands the stage but allows all around him to shine. Cole Schuster is a beautiful guitarist who keeps a very “cool customer” look on his face while playing monster licks that move your heart and make your mind think. These men have really created a space for Tabor to broaden her song list with great support and respect. You can catch the Seattle Chanteuse and her group performing at standing gigs at Tula’s Jazz Club, The Sorrento Hotel and The Cottage.

  • The Lady in the Gown project 1. On Green Dolphin Street 4:11
    2. I Can’t Give You Anything but Love 4:14
    3. Autumn Leaves 3:05 4. Misty 4:23
    5. Lady in the Gown 2:58
    6. Caravan 1:32
    7. Tight 3:08
    8. When Lights are Low 3:48
    9. Dindi 3:31
    10. I Fall in Love Too Easily 2:35
    11. That’s All 2:47
    12. Mood Indigo 4:51
    13. It Could Happen to You 4:17
    14. Never Make a Move Too Soon 2:39
    15. Crazy He Calls Me 4:58
  • Players and Instruments: 
    Jacqueline Tabor: vocals
    Cole Schuster: guitar
    Greg Feingold: bass
    Max Holmberg: drums


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