Cantantes de Jazz actuales

Cantantes de Jazz actuales
Las cantantes femeninas del jazz actual - Sin dudas para interpretar una melodía de jazz la voz femenina, según mi opinión, es la más adecuada. Exquisitas cantantes femeninas actuales del jazz, compositoras, versátiles, además de poderosas y virtuosas instrumentistas; mujeres que se imponen en el ambiente del jazz de nuestro tiempo. Es así que día a día van apareciendo nuevos talentos femeninos, tanto en cantidad como en calidad, para constatar que en el presente sea una realidad la igualdad de géneros.

29 ago. 2009

Nando Michelín


Nando Michelin * Piano / Composición
Leala Cyr * Voice / Trompet
Esperanza Spalding * Bass / Voice
Richie Barshay or Tiago Michelin * Drums

Style: Contemporary Jazz

Fernando Michelin en su CD Reencontro, trae implícita la marca de la cultura de su país natal, Uruguay. Una mixtura pulida, de trazos bien marcados con el jazz, que en ningún momento pierden la esencia de su origen rioplatense. (Folclore tradicional, tambores del Candombe)
Sus composiciones salen de los encuadres clásicos latinos, creando espacios interpretativos por los cuales transitan con total libertad el resto de sus músicos.
El argumento de Fernando (Nando), no tienen “letra” definida: la voz humana es un instrumento musical más, pasando a ser el condimento fundamental en toda su obra, integrándose en sincronía perfecta con el contexto. Es allí donde la entonación exacta y el juego grave de las cuerdas del
contrabajo, crean bellas armonías, poniendo de manifiesto el virtuosismo y la dúctilidad interpretativa de Esperanza Spalding.
Reencontro abre un camino para las nuevas generaciones de músicos, que quieran explorar nuevas tendencias del jazz contemporáneo.

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24 ago. 2009

Cris Barber

Cris Barber
Long Beach, California
Estados Unidos

Cris Barber, considered one of the premier jazz vocalists in Southern California, mesmerizes her audience with energy and passion and that special quality embraced by today's top jazz performers. Cris infuses each performance, be it in the recording studio or live onstage with the same innate soulfulness of the greatest ladies of Jazz.

With four CDs in release, multiple award nominations and a Best Jazz Artist - Orange County Music Award to her credit, Cris' vocal style has gained her fans across the world and radio airplay in over 20 countries.
Her career is on the move.

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NEW CD!!! "This Moment To Be Free". This is number 4 for me and the band has outdone themselves yet again. Karen Hammack on piano, Barry Cogert on bass, Aldo Bentivegna on drums, Jamie Findlay on guitar, Greg Vail on sax and Kurt Rasmussen on percussion. It

has been such a joy to play with this group of players and I don't have enough words to thank them for their artistry and their hearts. We've all played together so much, even before this album, that we've also become close friends. I couldn't have asked for more. I love these guys! So check out the album. The latest.... we're getting tons of airplay all over the world on the new CD. Even distribution in 4 countries. Thank you to my record label, 37 Records, and Steven McClintock for all your hard work promoting the new baby! We still haven't managed time to do a release party yet but it's in the works. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for checking in. Cris

23 ago. 2009

Hilary Gardner

Hilary Gardner
Jazz / Glam / Ghettotech

Originally hailing from Wasilla, Alaska, classically trained vocalist Hilary Gardner arrived in New York in 2003. Since then, Hilary has performed in many of New York’s top venues, such as Iridium, Birdland, Sweet Rhythm, the Jazz Standard, and the Allen Room at Lincoln Center.
In 2005 Hilary headlined a concert at the Moscow Philharmonic's Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, Russia with Jazz Messenger and trumpet star Valery Ponomarev. The same year, Hilary toured throughout Germany with the Twinz Record label.
Critics praised Hilary for her vocal contributions to Oasis, the 2004 release by the New York State of the Art Jazz Ensemble, led by Mike Longo, longtime Dizzy Gillespie associate. She has also recorded a Christmas album,
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
As a guest vocalist, Hilary has appeared on recordings with Manhattan Transfer’s Janis Siegel, vocal jazz quartet Monday Off, indie-pop singer/songwriter Amiel, and jazz crooner Charles Darden, among others.
Hilary is the voice of West 73rd, a jazz-inflected cabaret project in collaboration with pianist/producer Frank Ponzio, bassist Peter Donovan, and drummer Vito Lesczak. Their CD,
A Song About Forever (CAP), celebrates the music of Kurt Weill and was nominated for a MAC Award for “Best Jazz Recording of 2008.”
Hilary is currently collaborating with multi-platinum recording artist Moby on original music. Moby features Hilary on his critically acclaimed 2009 release,
Wait For Me.

Jules Day

Jules Day
Pop / Bossanova / Jazz

Jules Day is creating quite a buzz in the L.A. music scene with a voice and stage presence that belie her 23 years of age. Jules is also compiling an impressive catalog of self-penned songs that are quickly becoming fan favorites at her performances, which include regular appearances at Southern California’s top music venues.
The Los Angeles Times reviewed Jules’ recent concert in Hollywood and described Day as “having the vibe, the enthusiasm, and the sheer irresistibility of a star in the making.”

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Judy Wexler

Judy Wexler
Jazz Singer

From Louis Armstrong to Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis to Pat Metheny, jazz artists have always sought to tell stories. Judy Wexler is a natural storyteller, with a distinctive voice, full of shadings. She knows how to dig into a song and find its essence. She is also "one of the most focused, unpretentious, no-nonsense, bop-oriented jazz singers around," according to Harvey Siders in JazzTimes, with an "instinctive ability to bring out the best in each song, often taking it into unfamiliar territory," wrote Ken Dryden in All Music Guide. Her 2005 debut, Easy on The Heart, made radio waves and introduced her to a wide jazz audience; now comes the follow-up… debuting at #2 on the national JazzWeek chart, Dreams & Shadows, confirms her ability to find great songs and effortlessly bring them to life. Judy was interviewed on NPR Weekend Edition by Susan Stamberg, who said, "From the evidence on her new second album, Dreams & Shadows, Judy Wexler can sing almost anything." Dreams & Shadows was the #2 new release for 2008 on KKJZ's (L.A.'s jazz station) Top 88 List, #51 in all new releases for 2008 on the national JazzWeek chart, and was named on several Top 10 lists for 2008.
Judy has sung at the Blue Note in New York, Blues Alley in Washington, DC, Jazz Alley in Seattle, the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, the San Jose Jazz Festival, and the Temecula Valley International Jazz Festival, where she opened the show for the legendary Mose Allison; she has also headlined in venues as diverse as Montreal, Istanbul, Vancouver and , Miami, the Sundance Film Festival, and the 2006 IAJE (International Association for Jazz Education) conference in New York, garnering rave reviews and building audiences along the way.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Judy studied piano from the time she was 5, but she gravitated toward theater, acting and singing in high school productions. She majored in psychology and theater at UC Santa Cruz, and after graduating, moved to San Francisco where she continued to perform in theater. Judy met her future husband, her upstairs neighbor, and together they spent a lot of time listening to jazz. "My husband and I lived in North Beach, just a couple of blocks from Keystone Korner," she says (referring to the world-renowned jazz club that closed in the 1980s), "where we frequently heard the finest jazz musicians around. It drew me in then and never let go."
A few years later, the couple moved to Los Angeles. Judy continued performing in theater and television, and guest starred on the hit comedy Frasier. But she was still drawn to jazz and began studying at the Dick Grove Music School. She concentrated on jazz harmony and jazz vocals, and subsequently studied for several years with acclaimed pianist Terry Trotter, with the goal of accompanying herself at the piano. Judy explains, "Finally, I figured I'd be a hundred years old before I'd be as good as I wanted, so I decided I should focus solely on singing." But it took a deathbed wish from her mother to get Judy out on the nightclub stage.
"My mother told me, 'Kid, you want to sing. I'll die happy if you just get out there and do it.' And that was really her final gift to me...she gave me a kick in the ass."
A few years of increased exposure on the L.A. scene earned her a reputation for the craftsmanship and emotional immediacy of her singing, while displaying her knack for compiling a spirited, cliché-free repertoire. Judy collaborated with Alan Pasqua as pianist and arranger for her first disc, Easy on the Heart, which received wide airplay and critical acclaim. Pasqua shared the playing and arranging with Jeff Colella on Judy's new CD, Dreams & Shadows, which has received rave reviews and has remained on the national JazzWeek chart for three months since its March 2008 release. As Christopher Loudon of JazzTimesasserts, "With this exalted follow-up to 2005's superb Easy on the Heart, Wexler proves she's ready to join the top rank of female jazz vocalists."
"I love the freedom of jazz and I love being able to connect with the audience and express myself through the lyrics," Judy beams. "There is so much great material to explore and share. And living in southern California, I get to play with some of the finest jazz musicians in the world. It's a privilege that I never forget when I get up to sing.

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Kate McGarry

Kate McGarry
Jazz / Acústica / Folk

More concerned with the essence of a song than idiomatic limitations, vocalist Kate McGarry has managed to attract the attention of tomorrows jazz fans. An eclectic repertoire ranging from Brazilian standards to the works of Joni Mitchell assists McGarrys mission of involving a younger audience in the music. Her signature contralto conveys a message with a crystal clarity that precludes the need for gimmick or effect. All thats left is undeniably honest music that transcends the boundaries of age or genre.
Nominated for a Best Jazz Vocal Grammy 2009

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Charmaine Clamor

Charmaine Clamor is America’s leading Filipina jazz and world vocalist.

With two consecutive albums in the JazzWeek World Music Top-10, including the rare feat of simultaneously making Top-5 on both the World (#2 ranking) and Traditional Jazz (#4) radio charts, Charmaine has earned unprecedented praise for introducing American audiences to Filipino languages, melodies, and instruments – and for sharing a once-in-a-generation, astonishingly expressive voice.

Recognized today as “one of the important and original jazz singers of the decade” {Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times}, a “dynamic new compass point in World Music” {Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times} and “one of the finest singers to come around in a long time” {Jerry D’Souza, All About Jazz}, Charmaine Clamor began her musical journey at age 3, entertaining passengers -- whether they liked it or not! -- in the back of buses traveling to Manila. Originally from the provincial town of Subic-Zambales, Philippines, young Charmaine provided piano accompaniment while her mother sang kundiman (Filipino torch songs) and English-language classics. These childhood memories inspired Charmaine’s enduring love of American music.

After immigrating to the United States as a teenager, Charmaine graduated as valedictorian of her high school class and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Cal State-Northridge. Throughout her college years, Charmaine worked as a “KJ” (a karaoke hostess). She was discovered by the musical director of CRESCENDO, a vocal jazz harmony quintet, while singing Whitney Houston songs at a Filipino fried chicken restaurant.

In 2005, following nearly a decade of ensemble singing, Charmaine made her solo recording debut with Searching for the Soul, and her “bedroom eyes voice” instantly garnered comparisons from critics and disc jockeys to legendary vocalists such as Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson, Julie London, Lena Horne, and Cassandra Wilson. Several pundits dubbed her “the Filipino Sarah Vaughan.”

Charmaine's critically acclaimed second album, Flippin’ Out (2007), brought her international recognition. On this landmark recording, she blended the soul and swing of American jazz with traditional Filipino folk music, languages and instruments, creating a new hybrid genre called jazzipino. Charmaine’s artistry was featured on BBC’s “The World” and NPR’s “Weekend Edition,” which described her music as “the perfect bridge of two cultures.”

Her third album, My Harana: A Filipino Serenade (2008), revived the ancient Filipino courtship tradition of harana – serenading a lover beneath her window – but with a twist: this time it was the woman doing the serenading! Charmaine’s bold vision and sublime vocal tenderness landed her on numerous magazine covers and TV newsmagazine shows in her native Philippines, and solidified her role as her birth country’s most celebrated international musical ambassador.

Indeed, because of her presence on American radio and concert appearances around the nation, Charmaine has been credited with introducing authentic Filipino musical culture to mainstream listeners. To further her lifelong goal of bringing the music of the Philippines to ever larger audiences, Charmaine served as one of the founding members of JazzPhil-USA, a non-profit organization that promotes jazz artists of Filipino descent in the United States. For five consecutive years, she has lent her notoriety to the popular Filipino-American Jazz Festival, held annually in Hollywood, at the Catalina Bar & Grill Jazz Club, where Charmaine’s appearances with fellow Fil-Am jazz luminaries inspire standing-room-only crowds.

In 2009, Charmaine was signed to a multi-record deal with Viva Records, one of the largest pop music labels in Asia. As Viva’s first and only jazz artist, her debut album, appropriately entitled Jazzipino, brought Charmaine’s unique sound to millions of new listeners on Filipino radio and television.

In 2010, Charmaine is scheduled to release a highly anticipated musical collaboration with a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Charmaine resides in Los Angeles, California, where she tends to an organic vegetable garden and volunteers for environmental organizations that promote green living.

Dee Daniels

Dee Daniels
Jazz / Blues / R&B
Vancouver, British Columbia

Dee Daniels is a crowd pleaser and a musician’s musician. Whether accompanying her self at the piano, fronting a trio, big band or symphony, she is a unique talent who transcends musical borders when she brings her jazz styling, infused with gospel and blues flavoring, to the stage.

Daniels' style was born in her stepfather's church choir in Oakland, California, honed through the R&B era and brought to full fruition during a five-year stay in Europe from 1982 to 1987. During those years, she had many wonderful opportunities to perform with such 'Legends of Jazz' as Toots Thielemans, Johnny Griffin, Ed Thigpen, and Monty Alexander to name but a few. Two other personal highlights while in Europe include having had the opportunity of singing the Blues with the late, divine Sarah Vaughan in The Netherlands, and singing Gospel with the late great Joe Williams in Germany.

Dee's international career includes performances in eleven African countries, Australia, Colombia, Hong Kong and Japan, as well as in North America and many countries throughout Europe. She has cultivated a diverse career that has seen her on the theatre stage in the musical comedy, Wang Dang Doodle, and the starring role in the 2001 Calgary Stampede.

She has also established herself as a jazz vocalist in demand by the classical music world. She performs her Great Ladies of Swing, and The Soul of Ray: The Music of Ray Charles POPS programs with symphony orchestras across Canada and the USA. A respected vocal clinician and mentor, Dee sincerely believes in sharing her knowledge and experience with young singers/musicians. She is an inspiring motivational speaker.

In 2001, Dee created the Dee Daniels Jazz Vocal Scholarship at the Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC. Also in 2001, she was the recipient of the FANS Award (a North Vancouver, BC Arts Council presentation); was nominated as Vocalist of the Year, and her Love Story CD was nominated for Best Jazz CD of the Year by West Coast Music Awards. In 2002 she was inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame and a plaque was installed on Vancouver's Walk of Fame.

In 2003 she received the prestigious Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and was inducted into the University of Montana's School of Fine Arts, Hall of Honor where she is also a 1997 Distinguished Alumni.

Her JAZZINIT CD was in the Top Ten CDs of 2007 on several polls. In 2008, she was a recipient of Capilano University’s Presidents Service Award. She served on the Advisory Board of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival from 2001 - 2009

Gina Eckstine

Gina Eckstine
Jazz / R&B / Pop

Acerca de Gina Eckstine
UPDATE!!!!!! The CD is finished!!! My new cd, "Everything I Have Is Yours,"is finished. It is a tribute to my late father. I have covered 7 of his beautiful songs and there are 13 songs in all. it is absolutely beautiful!!!!! Log on, leave a comment, and of course purchase the cd at: It seems that I have been singing and performing ever since I can remember. Singing is like breathing to me. I come by it naturally, but this ability took years of education, lessons, and mentoring. I had some of the best teachers any young singer could ever wish for. I have been so blessed to have been taught by the best, but also each and every musician that I have worked with has honestly helped make me the singer and musician I am today. For that I thank each one of them. My first local studies were with the very gifted and sincerely, the kindest most patient, loving man I have ever met, Ira Lee. My performing and actual "get ready for the gig," teacher was Phil Moore, and his "For Singers Only Workshop". Dick Grove School Of Music, made me more musical, and Andrew Boettner reshaped my strained, swollen cords However, the most profound influence on my life as a singer, of course would be my dad, Billy Eckstine. When he called me up on stage at the age of six, I knew I was where I wanted to be. At age 18 I was singing in his show, and dealing with his and Bobby Tuckers' wrath if I were to sing, heaven forbid, a wrong note, it would be back to rehersal the next day for a tune up, and some well placed jabs at my stage presence. But you know what? I am a better singer for it. Thanks Dad and Bobby. While with my fathers show, I performed with Sammy Davis, Count Basie Orchestra, Houston Pops, Fairmont Hotels, Blues Alley, Canadian Expo, and an appearance on The Tonight Show. I later went on my own, and had my own show on the Las Vegas Strip. I performed at Caesars Palace, Sands, Riviera, The Rio, Aladdin, Tropicana, Stardust, Ballys, etc. I opened recently for Brad Garrett at The Mirage. Okay so now... I am sharing what I have been so generously given and blessed with. I have been teaching and loving each and every lesson I give. I think I learn something from every student I teach. My method is simple: Breathe and let the voice flow. Sounds simple anyway. I teach the vocalist how to use their air to control their voice. I know from experience that when a singer uses her air properly, she/he will have a healthy voice for the rest of his/her career. I have been having great success with professional singers, singers who have damaged their voices and need therapeutic instruction, and the beginning singer. All my students learn breath control, pitch, range expansion, phrasing, mic technique, repetoire, stage presence, recording techniques, and eveybody has lots of fun. I learned from singers. I think it makes sense if you want to learn to sing, learn from a singer! My teaching experience specializing in: • Therapeutic Technique • Breath control, range expansion, pitch control • Microphone technique • Stage presence • Repertoire • Song interpretation • Beginning to professional vocal instruction • Vocal repair and therapy • Artists in development - including working with DerekBrambell,producer, American Idol recording artists. • West Coast Dance Studio -Instructor, Musical Theater Group Class • LAUSD After School Enrichment Program • Triple Talent Musical Theater Camp - Musical Director • Dance Dimensions Performing Arts Center - Vocal Instructor Savannah Outen- up and coming artist with Nickolodeon I am finishing a tribute cd to my father and others who have had a strong influence on me. It is a dream come true and finally complete. I will let everybody know when it is finished. I will never stop performing. Its in my blood. I mean tuly it is. My performance experience:Gina Eckstine Show • La Costa Hotel and Spa -1983 -1985 • Las Vegas Hilton • Aladdin Hotel And Casino - Las Vegas • Caesars Palace - Las Vegas • Rio Hotel And Casino - Las Vegas • Sands Hotel And Casino- Las Vegas • Riviera Hotel And Casino - Las Vegas • Harvey’s Hotel And Casino - Lake Tahoe • Catch A Rising Star @ Bally’s - Las Vegas • MGM Grand Hotel And Casino - Las Vegas • Stardust Hotel And Casino - Las Vegas • Loews Santa Monica Hotel - Santa Monica, CA • Beverly Hills Hotel • Peninsula Hotel - Beverly Hills, CA • Opening act - Brad Garrett @ Mirage Hotel And Casino - Las Vegas • Universal Studios

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Elin Kathleen Melgarejo
Jazz / Bossanova / Pop

Born and raised in Sweden by an Irish mother and a Peruvian father. Grew up in three distinct cultures and continents - Europe, North and South America. Oldest of six children, fluent in five languages, seven-year resident of New York City, instrumentalist and student of music since the age of seven, and utterly obsessed with Brazilian music! ---This should give you a start at understanding the colorful complexities and remarkable adventures from which Elin draws her inspirations and expressions. ---Her debut album, Lazy Afternoon, showcasing a sublime mix of Brazilian and American classics combined with original songs, was released on September 5th, 2006, and is now available for purchase in retail stores across the US and world-wide at all major online stores. The album has been on the JazzWeek charts since its release, and recently peaked at 6 on the World Music Chart, and 4 on the College Jazz Chart.

22 ago. 2009

Benjamin Barreiro

Jazz / Bossanova / Nu-Jazz
Nace en Montevideo Uruguay. Comienza estudiando distintos instrumentos hasta dar con el saxo. Estudia con distintos maestros durante los primeros años hasta que en el 2003 egresa de la E.M.C. (Berklee International Networks).Ha participado como saxofonista, flautista y/o arreglador con distintos artistas: Sara Sabah, , Sankuokai., Fede Righi, Rubén Rada, Muuu!!, Popo Romano, Gabriel Estrada, Nacho Mateu, Abuela Coca, Hugo y Osvaldo Fatto, Urbano Moraes, Abuela Coca, Eduardo Risso, Don Nadie, Jorge Schellemberg , 4 pesos de propina, entre otros.Ha realizado giras por Europa en distintas oportunidades junto a La Abuela Coca.
Ha participado en diferentes festivales de Jazz junto a Popo Romano, Gonzalo Levin, Florencia Gonzalez, entre otros.
Actualmente forma parte de la banda de Sara Sabah, Popo Romano, Fede Righi, Jero Santillan, Claudio Solino, Jorge Pemoff, Tapones de Punta, y otros proyectos.
Próximos Conciertos
9 ago 200921:00
Jero Santillan El Empujon del DiabloBuenos Aires
22 ago 200920:00
Tapones de puntaBuenos aires,
29 ago 200922:00
PoPo RoMaNo El TartamudoMontevideo,
5 sep 200921:00
Sara Sabah San Felipe y SantiagoMontevide,
9 sep 200920:00
O. y H. Fatt, Mateu, BenjiTreinta y Tres,
13 sep 200920:00
Jorge PemoffBuenos Aires,
19 sep 200920:00
Tapones de puntaBuenos aires,
2 oct 200921:30
Josengo SADEMBuenos Aires,
11 oct 200920:00
Jorge PemoffBuenos Aires,
27 oct 200921:00
Sara SabahMontevideo,
4 nov 200921:30
Jorge PemoffBuenos Aires,
6 nov 200921:30
Josengo SADEMBuenos Aires,
21 nov 200922:00
PoPo RoMaNo QuInTeToMontevideo,
26 nov 200920:00
Sara Sabah Jazz a La CalleMercedes, Soriano
4 dic 200921:30
Josengo SADEMBuenos Aires,
11 dic 200921:30
Jorge PemoffBuenos Aires,

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Benjamin Barreiro


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