Igor Prochazka Trío

Igor Prochazka Trio

Igor Prochazka (piano)
Christian Pérez (doublebass)
Federico Marini (drums)

(IPT) was formed at the end of 2006 in the pursuit of an original jazz sound that its members were missing in other projects. Although IPT has the utmost respect for the traditions of bebop and later eras, the group's goal is a more innovative and personal style of jazz. Open to new influences and trends, even those outside of jazz, they don't choose the easy route of merely mixing divergent styles. The imaginative compositions by pianist Igor Prochazka and the excellent improvisational skills of Christian Perez (double bass) and Federico Marini (drums), two of the most in-demand musicians in Madrid's jazz scene, produce a personal and profound character in each song. IPT is a truly international trio: the three Madrid-based musicians come from the USA, Argentina, and Germany. It is the universality of their interpretation of jazz that unites their musical roots.In June 2007 IPT won the first prize for jazz group in the nation-wide contest "Audiciones" (Fundación Canal Isabel II--Madrid, Spain).


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