Cantantes de Jazz actuales

Cantantes de Jazz actuales
Las cantantes femeninas del jazz actual - Sin dudas para interpretar una melodía de jazz la voz femenina, según mi opinión, es la más adecuada. Exquisitas cantantes femeninas actuales del jazz, compositoras, versátiles, además de poderosas y virtuosas instrumentistas; mujeres que se imponen en el ambiente del jazz de nuestro tiempo. Es así que día a día van apareciendo nuevos talentos femeninos, tanto en cantidad como en calidad, para constatar que en el presente sea una realidad la igualdad de géneros.

30 may. 2009

Aaron Parks

Aaron Parks
Manhattan School of Music -Piano.
University of Washington - Piano
(Fort Greene, New York Estados Unidos)

To play with music seems so easy, as simple as to press the keys of a piano and to leave harmonies as they jump them by the tuning fork. It is so Aaron Parks makes IT easy, opening a new breach in the jazz, walking by hidden routes that never were journeyed.

(Jugar con la música parece tan fácil, tan simple como presionar las teclas de un piano y dejar que las armonías brinquen por el diapasón. Es así que Aaron Parks lo hace tan fácil, abriendo una nueva brecha en el jazz, andando por vías ocultas que nunca fueron transitadas.)

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28 may. 2009

Ray Lema

Ray Lema
Piano y Voz
Creatividad e innovación de África para el mundo

El congoleño Raymond Lema A'nsi Nzinga (Zaire, 1946), conocido artísticamente como Ray Lema, tuvo varias vocaciones. Actualmente está radicado en Francia y es uno de los músicos más innovadores y creativos provenientes de África. Sin embargo, pudo haber sido químico e incluso sacerdote, de no haber abandonado el seminario y posteriormente la facultad. De hecho, descubrió sus cualidades como pianista a través de Mozart, Bach y el canto gregoriano. Tras dejar atrás la sotana y la tabla periódica su vida dio un giro radical. Se unió a distintas bandas en Kinshasa y tocó como guitarrista en clubes nocturnos de la ciudad. Con la orquesta de Gérard Kazembe conoció la música anglosajona y se fascinó con Hendrix y Los Beatles. Es realmente atípica su formación clásica, que deriva en una fuerte investigación del etnobeat, el nü jazz y los encuentros multiculturales. Eso lo llevó a hacer giras a nivel nacional, interesándose por la herencia musical, la danza y la cultura de su país. Su trabajo como etnomusicólogo redundó en que el gobierno le encargara en 1974 la formación y dirección del Ballet Nacional de Zaire y que cinco años más tarde fuera invitado a Estados Unidos por la Fundación Rockefeller, permaneciendo en aquel país hasta 1981. En 1982 publica Koteja y en 1983 Kinshaha Washington DC París, hasta que en 1985 aparece Medecine, música panafricana con elementos electrónicos.
Entre sus colaboraciones con otros músicos cabe destacar sus composiciones para cine, la producción del álbum Funana del grupo Finaron, de Cabo Verde, y la ópera Un Toureg s'est marié avec un pygmée junto a We Were, músico camerunés afincado en Costa Marfil. Participó además en el disco Euro African Suites con el pianista alemán Joachim Kühn, y en 2000 grabó el álbum Safi con los marroquíes Tyour Gnaoua. Reconoce que una de sus experiencias más profundas ha sido su trabajo Vila Ssei Gora, de 1992, junto a Kiryll Stefanov, maestro del arte coral búlgaro. Lema es, en suma, un multiinstrumentista con raíces negras y experiencia alrededor del mundo, una sólida formación académica y una inmensa voluntad de experimentación. Un artista sin fisuras que puede tocar desde Beethoven hasta afro-funk sin el menor prejuicio.

Próximo 09 de Junio 2009, hora 20:30
Sala Zitarrosa - Ciudad de Montevideo, Uruguay.

27 may. 2009

Tia Fuller

Tia Fuller
Saxophonist - Composer - Educator
Jazz Musicians, New York, NY, USA.-

Jazz musicians are blessed with the desire and ability to play a genre that has a history as rich as its sound. All the greats, past and present know that it’s not enough to simply play the notes, one has to live the music and feel it with every breath. When Mack Avenue recording artist, Tia Fuller picks up her sax to play, the two become one and something amazing happens as the notes and reverberations of her musical elixir fill the room. Suddenly, everything in the universe feels right and it’s easy to see and hear why this artist and teacher, who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, (Magna Cum Laude) and Master’s degree in Jazz Pedagogy and Performance from the University of Colorado at Boulder (Summa Cum Laude), was selected to be a member of the all-female band touring with R & B star, Beyoncé. As part of the Beyoncé Experience World Tour promoting the superstar’s B’Day CD, Tia played in various venues throughout the US,Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. She is a featured soloist on the Beyoncé Experience DVD (Me, Myself and I) and also appeared on number of major television shows, such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Today Show, Good Morning America, BET Awards, American Music Awards and Total Request Live.An accomplished performer in her own right, Tia has recorded two CDs with her quartet. The first, Pillar of Strength (2005/Wambui), received praise as being "an exhilarating work that introduced her as a leader who strives for perfection" (Terrell Holmes, All About Jazz Magazine). Her sophomore release, Healing Space (2007/Mack Avenue), is an offering of “melodic medicine” that the wide-eyed optimist sincerely hopes will serve as a healing agent for those who indulge in it. Tia will be going into the studio in the spring of 2008 to record her third CD, which will be her second offering under the Mack Avenue label. She can also be seen performing regularly with a number of bands, including the Ralph Peterson Septet, the T.S. Monk Septet, the Jon Faddis Jazz Orchestra, the Rufus Reid Septet, the Sean Jones Quintet and the Nancy Wilson Jazz Orchestra.The dynamic saxophonist has been featured in Jazz Improv Magazine, Rocky Mountain News, The Philadelphia Tribune, The Star Ledger, Downbeat Magazine and many other print and online publications. In addition to receiving numerous awards and marks of distinction, Tia was honored to be the keynote speaker at the Jazz Institute of New Jersey’s 2003 graduation ceremony, where she presented her “Journey to Success” speech. In January 2008, she had the privilege of participating in a press conference with pianist and composer, DaniloPerez and the Governor of the Republic of Panama, Carlos A. Villarino.Tia believes her passion for teaching and inspiring students is in her genes because her parents were educators/administrators in the Denver Public School District. As a devoted educator, she presents lectures and teaches ensembles and masterclasses at some of the most respected institutions in the country, including Stanford University’s “Jazz Workshop,” the University of Idaho’s Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, New Mexico State University, the IAJE Jazz Convention, Purchase College, WBGO’s “Children in Jazz” Series, DuquesneUniversity and Panama Jazz Festival.Tia moved to Jersey City, NJ two days before the events of September 11, 2001. Despite the fact that the jazz community believed there was not much work in the area during that period, she wasn’t discouraged and used the tragic event as a reason to succeed. She got her first gig playing in a big band at a fish fry in South Jersey. Brad Leali, who was playing in the Count Basie Orchestra at the time, spread the word that Tia was a skillful saxophonist who also played the flute. This brought her to the attention of others in the jazz community, including Gerald Wilson, Jimmy Heath, Don Braden and Don Byron, which led to her performing with a number of luminaries in the world of jazz.With music in her blood and a song in her heart, Tia was born in Aurora, Colorado to jazz musicians, Fred and Elthopia Fuller. Her father, Fred plays bass and her mother, Elthopia sings. She grew up listening to her parents rehearse in the basement of their home, as well as the music of jazz greats, such as John Coltrane, Sarah Vaughn and Charlie Parker.Inspired by her older sister, Shamie, Tia began playing classical piano when she was just three years old and continued until she was thirteen. She also began studying the flute when she was nine. Her interest in jazz came into fruition in high school. It was during this time that she began playing the saxophone.The Colorado native, who now resides in Essex County, New Jersey, says playing music makes her feel as if she is a vessel for the Spirit to flow through. While listening to her songs, she wants people to be uplifted and experience a sense of restoration, compelling them to move forward not in fear, but in love and faith.

25 may. 2009

Sandra Booker

Sandra Booker
Jazz / Acústica / Ghettotech
New Orleans to Los Angeles, California Estados Unidos

Sandra Booker is regarded as one of the new masters in the jazz genre. Highly respected for her virtuosic scat ability, impeccable timing, crystalline tone, and bold musical individuality, Booker has created a world that is all her own. Sandra has enjoyed collaborations and performances with many veterans and newcomers from Lalo Schifrin, Billy Higgins, Kenny Burrell, Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, to Barbara Morrison, Harry Connick, Jr., Patrice Rushen.A native of the great jazz city New Orleans, Sandra Booker sings in a style reminiscent of one speaking in his or her native tongue revealing her deep southern and Creole roots in jazz, gospel Negro spirituals, rhythm and blues and tropical music of the Caribbean, specifically the rhythms of Haiti, Cuba and Brazil. In 2005, as a member of Team Vico, a non-profit organization that produces musical recordings for children with autism, Sandra received a Los Angeles Music Award for Best Children's CD. Her voice has been featured in radio and television for commercials ranging from Coca Cola to Ralph Lauren's current men's fragrance campaign, Polo Black. Perhaps the words of legendary guitarist Kenny Burrell sums her up best when he says, "...some people got it and some people don't and Sandra Booker's got it all!"

Faith Gibson

Faith Gibson

Berlin/Cologne/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Estados Unidos

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Lainie Cooke

Lainie Cooke
Jazz Singer
NEW YORK, New York Estados Unidos

I met my first microphone when I was three years old. It was love at first sight. I did my first radio show at six and television show at eleven. I became a band singer at the age of 14 and sang anywhere and everywhere in Minneapolis (where I was born and raised and went to school) til I left college to come to New York City. I fell in love with New York City when I was twelve. I was with my Mom and Dad - won a city wide talent contest: First prize - a trip to New York. And there on the corner of 46th & Broadway with the cars streaming by and the lights and flashing signs, I heard a voice in my head saying, "Well, you're home now." From that point on all I wanted was to be in New York City. After two years at the University of Minnesota, as a Theatre Arts major, I finally got to follow that voice. I thought Broadway. I thought clubs. Instead I got very lucky in the world of voiceovers. It was wonderful and something about me never wanted to go on the road. So I stayed in my wonderful adopted city, became a New Yorker and have enjoyed a very a successful career as a voiceover actor using my voice off-camera for Jean Nate, Asti Spumante, Ford, McDonald's, The Daily News, Gillette, Ideal Toys, etc. and Infommercials, Industrials, TV promos etc, etc. etc. In 2002, I finally, released my first CD, "Here's to Life" on the Harlemwood label thanks to my good friends Voza Rivers and Jamal Joseph. Cadence Magazine wrote, "An exciting and beautifully executed debut CD, from a singer who has been on the scene for some twenty years without making a record. Thankfully, she finally has, and it was well worth the wait." In the words of jazz journalist Harvey Siders, "Lainie can cook on the kind of quality standards she prefers-the Porter-Gershwin-Rodgers & Hart classics that challenge her dramatic bent for story-telling. She has an unerring ear for melodic invention, and an instinctive feel for time that allows her to take unusual rhythmic liberties. And her intonation is 'right on.'" I am currently on the National and Local Board of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and at the Convention last week was elected Recording Secretary for a two year term. In May of 06 I completed the Feldenkrais training and am now a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. I still work as a voceover actor and I continue to coach. Some say I am one of the best voiceover coaches in the country. And now I have completed my second CD. Should have the master by the end of January. My thanks to Tedd Firth, Cameron Brown, Matt Wilson, Joel Frahm, Roland Barber and Marvin Horne for their friendship and inspired playing. And to Katherine Miller for her extraordinary ability to hear. Really hear.

Deborah Connors

Deborah Connors
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Vocal Coach

CHICAGO, Illinois Estados Unidos

Smooth Jazz, Urban, R&B, Soul, Chill, Makin love music!!

24 may. 2009

Katharine McPhee

Pop / R&B

Katharine McPhee
LOS ANGELES, California Estados Unidos

Nacida el 25 de Marzo de 1984, es una cantante estadounidense, participante de American Idol en su quinta edición del 2006, ocupando el segundo lugar.
En el año 2008 publica su primer simple "Overt It".

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17 may. 2009

Patrick Bebey

Musician, composer.
He plays the piano, sanza (thumb piano)
Pygmy flute, percussion and he sings.

La música que proviene de Africa es el verdadero “origen” de toda la música.
Los temas que he escuchado de Patrick Bebey tienen la marca auténtica de raíz africana. Es un placer escuchar sus canciones, porque me hacen viajar con la imaginación a lugares de armonía y paz.
Su música enseña nuevos caminos por recorrer. Las palabras, muchas veces monosílabas, se integran a la métrica, con perfecta sincronía. La voz humana como instrumento en sí mismo, la claridad de la interpretación, la marcada percusión, el sonido de instrumentos musicales acústicos; una perfecta mezcla para el disfrute.
El candombe uruguayo, hijo de la música africana, debe de alimentarse de autores como Patrick Bebey, ya que por momentos suena muy rígido y necesita contagiarse de la alegría de los músicos africanos mas que seguir buscando fusiones con el jazz.

Patrick BEBEY was born in 1964.
He studied classical music in the Paris Conservatoire.
He studied jazz, Brazilian music and African music by himself.
He created his band in 1983.
He started playing as a professional musician in 1986.
He has toured or played on records for different artists such as : Mory KANTE, CharlElie COUTURE, Francis BEBEY, Wasis DIOP, Lokua KANZA, Sam TSHABALALA, Geoffrey ORYEMA, Francis Lalanne, Pajaro CANZANI, Papa WEMBA, Miriam MAKEBA, ROE, Coco MBASSI, LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO, Minino GARAY, Roy AYERS, John WILLIAMS and John ETHERIDGE As musical director he has produced two albums for Papa WEMBA : "Molokaï" (Realworld Records 1998) and a live CD/DVD "New Morning" (Synchronies Music 2006).
As part of the production “Africa at the Opera” he performed a tune for Pygmy flute and choir - and presented it together with Laydsmith Black Mambazo in the sold out Philharmony in Cologne. He also composed the music for two family musicals and a tune called "Timba" for pygmy flute and orchestra, which he performed in the Philharmony in Stuttgart together with the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker orchestra. During the last two years, he performed with his band in Italy, Switzerland, Germany (Munich Africa weeks festival), France and at the Womad Festival in Las Palmas.
Patrick Bebey plays African rooted music mixed with jazzy seeds.
He is accompanied by excellent musicians: on drums Luiz Augusto Cavani and bass: Marc Bertaux. Both have joined him for numerous concerts all over the years.
PATRICK BEBEY / News Patrick Bebey created some magic moments for some 2300 visitors at Junge Garde in Dresden in June 2002 when he performed his one note flute together with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Sam Tshabalala, Coco Mbassi and Gcina Mhlophe. A few days afterwards he had the pleasure to jam with musicians like Phil Colins and Peter Gabriel at Peter Gabriel..s wedding party where he was invited.
He ended the concert season last year with a concert at Mozartsaal in Stuttgart where he performed his own compositions together with the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester.

10 may. 2009

Shyra Panzardo

***** SHYRA PANZARDO 2009 *****

Presentación de su CD "Cuento de Hadas"

Luego de varios años como bajista estable y ocasional invitada de importantes músicos uruguayos, llega el primer disco solista de Shyra Panzardo, Cuento de Hadas. Se trata de doce composiciones propias, donde la cantautora mezcla la fuerza del rock and roll con interesantes baladas. Este trabajo cuenta con una poética inusual para el medio que por momentos recuerda la lírica de Eduardo Darnauchans, a quien Shyra acompañó durante años, rindiendo homenaje al trovador uruguayo a través de la canción “Dónde vas”. Acompañan a Shyra Fernando Alfaro en batería y Federico Navarro en guitarras, quien además participa en la producción musical de 4 de las canciones del disco.

La producción general estuvo a cargo de Shyra Panzardo.

Shyra nos cuenta:

Estoy tocando el bajo desde hace 18 años, cuando empecé con una banda en Argentina desde ese momento ha sido mi actividad permanente, ya sea tocando o dando clases de bajo, desde ese tiempo estuve vinculada a la música de cualquier forma, fuí directora musical de la escuela Yamaha... estuve a cargo de la coordinación desde el año 2000 de los concursos de bandas de pepsi y canal 10, he tocado con Laura Canoura, Estela Magnone, Gabriela Posada, Malena Muyala (con la cual hice la producción musical de su disco "Temas Pendientes" junto con Bernardo Aguerre) Eduardo Darnauchans, Alejandro Ferradás, Jorge Galemire, Fernando Ulivi Ha participado en distintas oportunidades con diferentes músicos y artistas nacionales a saber: Fernando Cabrera (para el disco de Malena Muyala donde se grabó un tema de él) Esteban Klisich (junto a Laura Canoura para una actuación en el teatro Solís), Jorginho Guiarte, Mónica Navarro.. entre otros Compartí escenarios acompañando a distintos artistas con músicos como Nicolás Ibarburu, Andrés Ibarburu, Martín Ibarburu, Gustavo Etchenique, Carlos Quintana, Nego Haedo, Edú Lombardo, Alberto Magnone, Nelson Cedrés, Bernardo Aguerre, Fernando Goicoechea, Nicolás Mora, Gustavo Montemurro, Martín Buscaglia, Néstor Vas, Jorge Noccetti, Gastón Contenti, Martín Muguerza, Gabriel Estrada, Alfredo Monetti, Hernán Rodríguez, Larbanois Carrero, Gustavo Noccetti, entre otros… Hasta el año 2000 siempre había cantado coros con la gente que tocaba o cantaba canciones en alguna de las bandas de covers con las que también toqué, a partir de ese momento empecé a componer canciones y también músicas instrumentales... fué algo que se fué dando de a poco.. aprendiendo mucho de la gente con la que tocaba y sintiendo la necesidad de sacar cosas que tenía adentro.... escribiendo letras y músicas y grabándolas en el estudio de casa y por ahí quedaban... lo mismo con las instrumentales, después que tuve una cierta cantidad de canciones y sintiendo que ya tenía la maduréz musical necesaria me animé a armar una banda, con batería y guitarra y empecé esta etapa de cantar y tocar el bajo con el trío... aunque también paralelamente componiendo cosas instrumentales entre las cuales hice la música de presentación del unitario de canal 10 "los 10 mandamientos" así como muchas de las músicas utilizadas en los informes de Zona Urbana..."Victimas y victimarios"..."Memoria colectiva"..etc, siempre se puede escuchar algo mío por allí... Hace poco tuve el honor de ser invitada por Tabaré Rivero para cantar y tocar el bajo con su banda en la sala Zitarrosa, así como yo lo invité a él a cantar conmigo en la fiesta X donde también tuve el placer de participar. Podés escuchar mis bajos en los discos: "Temas pendientes" "Puro Verso" y "Viajera" de Malena Muyala, "Interior" "Piaf" de Laura Canoura, "El ángel azul" "Entre el micrófono y la penumbra" "Rarezas" (alguna canción en vivo) de Eduardo Darnauchans, "Volúmen II"de los Kafkarudos, también podés escuchar mis voces en: "El puente" de Jaime Roos, y próximo a salir "Bruma de abril" de Estela Magnone.

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9 may. 2009

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys (25 de Enero de 1982, Nueva York) es el nombre artístico de Alicia Augello Cook, una Cantante, Compositra, Pianista, y Productora discográfica de R&B, Neo Soul y Soul.
Nacida en Manhattan, Nueva York, desde los dos años vivió con su madre ante la separación de sus padres.
Ha vendido en el mundo más de 28 millones de discos y ganado numerosos premios, incluidos 12 Grammys, 17 Premios Billboard y tres American Music Awards. Su álbum debut Songs in A Minor ganó 5 grammys en una sola noche, un record para las mujeres artistas, que ella comparte con Laurry Hill (1999), Norah Jones (2003), Beyoncé (2004) y Amy Winehouse (2008).

2001: Songs in A Minor (12 millones de ventas en todo el mundo)
2003: The Diary of Alicia Keys(6 millones de ventas en todo el mundo)
2005: Unplugged (2 millones de copias alrededor del mundo)
2007: As I Am (más de 6 millones de copias vendidas en todo el mundo)


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6 may. 2009

Silvia kleyff (III) - Don't loose your soul

Trascrizione della nota presentata dal JazzItalia

Forse il futuro è già qui. Forse è già in atto un radicale cambiamento del modo di essere artisti. Il grande baritonista inglese George Haslam ha scritto recentemente che la storia del jazz è destinata, a breve, ad imboccare sentieri nuovi ed inediti. "Siamo vicinissimi alla possibilità di sviluppare la propria creatività in totale indipendenza. L' artista è vicino ad avere la possibilità di ripercorrere da solo, a casa sua, il ciclo produttivo di un disco. Noi stiamo passando dal jazz come "performing art" al jazz come creazione vera e propria." Vi raccontiamo quindi la storia di un disco e di una musicista che sembra già incamminata su questa strada. Silvia Kleyff è una giovane pianista e compositrice messicana (anche se il suo aspetto, oltre al cognome, rivela però l'origine polacco-lituana) laureata al Berklee. Di recente ha inciso un disco (in uno studio, di New York), che ha fatto circolare fra i siti specializzati di tutto il mondo. Un disco non ancora masterizzato, nel quale fra una traccia e l'altra si sentono i commenti dei musicisti. Un disco senza etichetta, con la copertina fatta in casa con un normale PC.

Un cd artigianale, ma molto buono. Silvia si definisce "more than a composer" ma il suo talento migliore sembra proprio essere quello della scrittura e della conduzione del gruppo.
Sono sette brani asciutti ed essenziali ("scrivere poche note rende i musicisti più liberi") molto lirici ma anche, talora, spigolosi, scontrosi. Sul mare scuro ed inquieto della scrittura della Kleyff e dell'improvvisazione del suo gruppo fluttuano relitti di free jazz e si addensano nuvole coltraniane: la superficie calma dei pezzi, a volte, è scossa da brevi tempeste sonore, da onde improvvise. I venti portano echi di blues, odori e memorie della musica di Steve Lacy, di Monk, di Bill Evans, a volte del Miles Davis di Kind Of Blue. Ma si sente, fin dalle prime note, che la rotta di questi musicisti tenta di scoprire isole non ancora segnate dalle mappe. Fuor di metafora la Kleyff si confronta molto liberamente con tutta la tradizione del jazz moderno, cercando, però, un suo linguaggio originale; senza concessioni al classicismo di maniera, al revival neo bop; senza cercare il facile consenso dell' ascoltatore. D'altronde la Kleyff guarda anche con interesse alle esperienze della ricerca musicale contemporanea. Su My space si può anche ascoltare la colonna sonora che ha scritto per un cartoon "Sirenes from Mexico" intriso di sonorità sperimentali.
Anche come pianista la Kleyff è molto essenziale, quasi scarna. Fa pensare a Mal Waldron o, rimanendo al jazz di casa nostra, a Luca Flores (a dire il vero Silvia non è completamente d'accordo con questi accostamenti)."A volte – dice - il virtuosismo è il trucco perfetto per mascherare le cose di cui un interprete non è capace".
I suoi compagni di viaggio sono molto bravi. Una parola in più meritano il sopranista Logan Richardson e il batterista Nasheet Waits, uno di quei drummers ricchi di suono, capaci di far "cantare" il suo strumento.
Il disco è ora disponibile, nudo ed essenziale, così come è uscito dallo studio di registrazione di NYC dove è nato, su "My Space". Oggi quindi, grazie alla rete, un'opera musicale è a disposizione gratuita degli utenti. Chi è interessato troverà invece su Facebook molte notizie su Silvia, che condivide volentieri i suoi sogni e le sue difficoltà di musicista indipendente. Silvia Kleyff, come altri, si promuove in rete. Sarà il popolo di Internet a dire se questo "Don't loose your soul" meriterà di navigare sui PC di migliaia di appassionati sparsi sul pianeta e a convincere, speriamo, qualche produttore a farsi avanti ed a dargli veste ufficiale. Certo lei stessa capisce le difficoltà di questa strada. "Ci vorrebbe un giornalista - ha scritto in uno dei suoi ultimi post su FB - Lo sforzo di autopromuovermi indebolisce le mie energie di musicista". Purtroppo il mondo discografico sembra molto più chiuso rispetto al nuovo di quello editoriale, che ha cercato e scoperto nei blog nuovi talenti.
Un'ultima annotazione. Strumenti come FaceBook e My Space hanno letteralmente rivoluzionato il rapporto fra artista e pubblico. Oggi è possibile per un appassionato interloquire ed interagire con i suoi musicisti preferiti. L' artista non è più distante ed irraggiungibile. Si racconta in rete, magari semplicemente pubblicando i suoi video You Tube preferiti o esprimendo i suoi pensieri nei post. Per dirla con Ornette: "Tomorrow is the question".

Marco Buttafuoco per Jazzitalia

Silvia Kleyff:

4 may. 2009

Keiko Matsui

Keiko Matsui is an icon of contemporary jazz. With nearly 1.2 million units sold in the U.S. alone and packed concert halls, she is one of the most recognized artists in the genre. Her elegant piano melodies and gentle jazz grooves have enormous appeal and never disappoint her loyal fanbase which she has cultivated with over a dozen albums and stunning live shows.
WALLS OF AKENDORA, Matsui's latest recording of all new material, showcases her signature sophisticated jazz style on ten tunes that range from the classically-inspired to bold and brassy. "Akendora," she explains, "is a fictional place of my own device! It is a place that I go to to find peace and to spend contemplative moments." The 'walls' of the title do not refer to any barriers around this haven, but rather milestones. "It's like marking your child's height on the wall. It's about seeing where you have been and where you can go," she explains.
Matsui has taken her music to extraordinary places since that fateful day of her first piano lesson. By the time she was in junior high school, she began composing and developing a taste for jazz, drawing inspiration from a variety of classical and contemporary composers ranging from Chopin, Mozart, and Rachmaninov to Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, and Stevie Wonder. At the age of 17, Matsui was chosen to record for the Foundation, and that same year, she composed her first film score.
Matsui commenced her solo recording career with 1987's A DROP OF WATER. NO BORDERS (1989), UNDER NORTHERN LIGHTS (1990), NIGHT WALTZ (1991), CHERRY BLOSSOM (1992), DOLL (1994), SAPPHIRE (1995), and DREAM WALK (1996) further cemented her reputation and increased her popularity. Nostranger to the upper reaches of the contemporary jazz album and airplay charts, Matsui was named Top Indie Contemporary Jazz Artist Of The Year by Billboard magazine in 1996.
In 1997, The American Society of Young Musicians honored Matsui with its Essence Award, which recognizes artists whose vitality captures "the very spirit and soul of audiences worldwide." That same year, she launched a tour dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer, and released a four-song CD entitled A GIFT OF HOPE that benefited the Y-Me Breast Cancer Organization. Matsui's music was prominently featured in Say It, Fight It, Cure It, a special profiling several courageous womenwho were battling breast cancer that aired on the Lifetime cabletelevision network. In 1999, Matsui performed at "A Golden Moment," a skating concert featuring Olympic figure skaters Kristi Yamaguchi, Tara Lipinski, Ekaterina Gordeeva, and Katarina Witt that benefited the renowned breast cancer organization, the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
1998 saw the release of Matsui's album FULL MOON AND THE SHRINE, which was accompanied by an acclaimed PBS-TV special entitled Keiko Matsui: Light Above The Trees. The special reflected the multicultural nature of Matsui's life and music and was filmed, in part, at Japan's breathtakingly beautiful 1,300-year-old Itsukushima Shrine and during a high-energy concert in San Francisco. The special earned Matsui a National Smooth Jazz Award for Best Long-Form Video Achievement in 2000. She was also honored as the Best Female Artist that year and again in 2001.
Matsui again turned her attention to charitable activities with therelease of 2001's DEEP BLUE. Raising awareness of the need for bone marrow donors, particularly in the Asian, African-American, and Hispanic communities, Matsui launched a nationwide concert tour and donated a portion of ticket proceeds to The National Marrow Donor Program and The Marrow Foundation. She also released a four-song CD entitled GIFT OF LIFE to raise funds for the two organizations.
2001 brought about a period of reflection for Matsui and a strong desire to create music that would help heal a world in turmoil. She began to contemplate, "Why am I creating music, and as a musician, what can we do?" Matsui also reflected on the futures of children growing up in a world devastated by violence and hatred. The result was THE RING - an album intended to communicate a message of peace, compassion, and humanity to listeners around the world. Her technical and compositionalvirtuosity that has become her hallmark, along with the symphonic grandeur of her sound, paired beautifully in this stirring and emotional album.
On 2004's WILDFLOWER, Matsui once again used music as a platform for inspiring good. The album's title track benefits the United Nations World Food Programme's efforts in Africa. WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency which, in 2002, fed 72 million people in 82 countries including most of the world's refugees and internally displaced people. "I decided I wanted to support the WFP after learning about the tremendous problems in Africa and how humanitarian assistance can change people's lives for the better," Matsui said. "So much help is needed there, particularly for the children who have been orphaned or abandoned because of war and AIDS."

mar 3
lvov, ukraine
lviv national academic opera and ballet theatre

mar 4
kiev, ukraine
palace theatre (with lybid orchestra)

mar 5
kharkov, ukraine

mar 6
lugansk, ukraine
opera concert hall

mar 9
dnepropetrovsk, ukraine
opera and ballet theatre

mar 22
washington, d.c.
d.a.r. constitution hall (1776 D Street nw) - united states air force band guest artist series (3pm, free to public)

may 2
clearwater, fl
smooth jazz fest 2009 (clearwater jazz weekend at coachman park)

may 3
temecula, ca
thornton winery

may 8-10
san francisco, ca

may 14-17
seattle, wa
dimitriou's jazz alley

may 23
guadalajara, jalisco, mexico
festival cultural de mayo at teatro degollado

jun 6
rancho cucamonga, ca
victoria gardens cultural center, lewis family playhouse

jun 28
hampton, va
hampton jazz festival

sep 24
alexandria, va

sep 25
atlanta, ga
ferst center for the arts at georgia tech


jan 17-24
western Caribbean
smooth jazz cruise

3 may. 2009


MICHI FUJII - (JAPAN), entró como primera mujer trompetista en Tokio Geijyutu Daigaku (Tokio, Universidad de las Artes), que es sin duda, el mayor instituto de educación musical en Japón. Su objetivo último era convertirse en trompetista de jazz, pero estudió y trabajó como trompetista clásico mientras cursaba la universidad.
Ella se sumó a la "Orquesta Damas Japón" como el miembro más joven.
En 1989 ganó el Gran Premio en el "Concurso Wynton Marsalis Jazz" en poder de la Vida, una prestigiosa revista de Jazz de Japón.
Fué invitada a Cuba por el gobierno cubano para formar parte de la banda femenina de Salsa y se presentándose en Radio y revistas de Cuba.
Michi fue beneficiaria de la Beca "Fundación Japón Uchida Donación, para inscribirse en el famoso Jazz institución de Boston, Massachusetts, el Berklee College of Music.
Experimentando en el tiempo real de Jazz y más, fue invitada por el Paseo de Yokohama Jazz'98 (gran festival de jazz celebrado en Yokohama) y recibiendo el Gran Premio.

堀川高等学校音楽科(現京都市立音楽高等学校 )と東京芸術大学トランペット科に女性で初めて入学。ジャズを目指しながらも、大学在学中より クラッシックの分野で活動を始め 「レディースオーケストラ・イン・ジャパン」に 最年少にして主席トランペット奏者に抜擢。様々な音楽に携わる中、1989年JAZZ LIFE誌主催「ウィントン・マルサリスコンテスト」グランプリ受賞。女性サルサバンドのメンバーとしてキューバ政府に招かれカーニバルや 地元テレビ、ラジオに出演。その後内田奨学金全額免除奨学生としてボストンバークリー音楽院へ留学。さまざまな経験を経て帰国後は、カルテットで 横濱JAZZ PROMENADE '98においてグランプリ他2つの賞を独占受賞。交通事故の後遺症で一時は演奏を断念しかけたが、良い施術者や多くの出会いや学びの中で近年徐々に快復し、2008年8月8日アルバム「WILL」をリリース!現在は「甲陽音楽院」、 「ドルチェミュージックアカデミー」の講師を務めながら女性トランペット奏者の第一人者的存在として関西を中心に幅広く活躍している。

2 may. 2009

Igor Prochazka Trío

Igor Prochazka Trio

Igor Prochazka (piano)
Christian Pérez (doublebass)
Federico Marini (drums)

(IPT) was formed at the end of 2006 in the pursuit of an original jazz sound that its members were missing in other projects. Although IPT has the utmost respect for the traditions of bebop and later eras, the group's goal is a more innovative and personal style of jazz. Open to new influences and trends, even those outside of jazz, they don't choose the easy route of merely mixing divergent styles. The imaginative compositions by pianist Igor Prochazka and the excellent improvisational skills of Christian Perez (double bass) and Federico Marini (drums), two of the most in-demand musicians in Madrid's jazz scene, produce a personal and profound character in each song. IPT is a truly international trio: the three Madrid-based musicians come from the USA, Argentina, and Germany. It is the universality of their interpretation of jazz that unites their musical roots.In June 2007 IPT won the first prize for jazz group in the nation-wide contest "Audiciones" (Fundación Canal Isabel II--Madrid, Spain).

1 may. 2009

Sara Sabah

Sara Sabah participó en varias agrupaciones corales: Coro "Zemer" de la comunidad Israelita Sefaradí a cargo de Ana Wajner, Grupo Vocal "Suite Montevideo" dirigido por Pablo Trindade, y cuarteto vocal "La Otra" como directora, arregladora y cantante.
Asi mismo, integró la banda estable de Ruben Rada y Jorge Schellemberg.
Fué cantante invitada de numerosos artistas como Congo Bongo, Urbano Moraes, Sergio Fernandez, Fernando Goicochea y Cursi. Ha participado en la grabación de diferentes discos: Tenemos que Hablar (Jorge Schellemberg), Black, Rada para Niños 1 y 2, Quien va a cantar, Alegre Caballero y Montevideo Jazz Tour (Ruben Rada), y #1 y #2 (La Otra).También participó como invitada en la grabación de fonogramas de artistas como Urbano Moraes (Desde los Sueños), Sergio Fernandez (Astara), Fernando Cabrera (Viveza), Cursi (Cursi), Congo Bongo (Verde Verdad), Julio Brum (Los pájaros pintados).
Ha realizado innumerables presentaciones de las cuales se mencionan a continuación algunas de las más relevantes: "Buena Vista Social Club" en el Cine Plaza, "Gospel Choir" en el Cine Plaza (como integrante del cuarteto vocal La Otra), "Candombe Jazz Tour" en el Teatro Ateneo de Buenos Aires, "Ruben Rada y Ketama" en Santander España, Expolisboa en Lisboa, Portugal, y "Miscelanea Negra" en el Teatro Solís (Como integrante de la banda de Ruben Rada).Ha sido protagonista, en el rol de Sally Bowles, de la comedia musical "Cabaret" en la sala "China Zorrilla" del teatro de la Alianza Cultural Uruguay-Estados Unidos.Como Solista ha presentado su trabajo en diversos escenarios como el Teatro Solís (Como artista invitada de Expresso 25), La Colmena y El Tartamudo.
Sara Sabah participó en varias agrupaciones corales: Coro "Zemer" de la comunidad Israelita Sefaradí a cargo de Ana Wajner, Grupo Vocal "Suite Montevideo" dirigido por Pablo Trindade, y cuarteto vocal "La Otra" como directora, arregladora y cantante. Asi mismo, integró la banda estable de Ruben Rada y Jorge Schellemberg.
Fué cantante invitada de numerosos artistas como Congo Bongo, Urbano Moraes, Sergio Fernandez, Fernando Goicochea y Cursi.

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5° Seminario de Música Moderna e Improvisación.

Seminario de Monforte de Lemos,
del 17 al 22 de Agosto,

5º Seminario de Música Moderna e Improvisación


Carlos Calviño [guitarra]
Profesor superior de guitarra por el Conservatorio Superior de Vigo.Profesor de enseñanza secundaria en la especialidad de música y deprofesor de guitarra y armonía moderna en la Escuela de Música a Tempo(Pontevedra).Tocó con Alberto Conde, Roberto Somoza, Joshua Edelman, PepeBao, Celia Mur, Andy Phillips, entre otros.

Iñaki Askunze [saxofón]
"Premio de Pundonor" del Conservatorio de San Sebastian. Estudió enBerklee Collage of Music de Boston donde se gradúa con el grado de "MagnaCum Laude" en Interpretación y Composición. Profesor de Armonía y Arreglosen el "Taller de Musics" de Barcelona. Profesor en la especialidad de Jazzde Armonía, Arreglos, Composición y Combo en el Conservatorio Superior deMúsica del País Vasco (Musikene) y de Composición en el ConservatorioSuperior de Música Pablo Sarasate de Pamplona. Director de la "PirineosJazz Orquesta".
Dee Jay Foster [contrabajo y bajo eléctrico]Graduado en el Berklee College of Music, de Boston. Estudia con PatMartino, Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, entre otros. Toca y graba en Boston yNueva York con artistas como Hal Crook, Ian Froman, Bob Gulloti, entreotros. En el 2005, y elexido por Herbie Hancock y Wayne Shorter como unode los tres finalistas para el "Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz" en LosAngeles. En el 2006 toca en San Francisco, con Mark Levine, BarryFinnerty, y Mel Martin.

Celia Mur [voz]
Alumna de la soprano lírica Maryan Bryfdir durante seis años en el Centrode Artes Lírico de Granada. Se graduó en la Associated Board of The RoyalSchools of Music de Reino Unido. Celia Mur es una de las cantantes dejazz más interesantes de la generación actual en España. Su primer disco,"Footprints", muestra la calidad de su canto improvisado la manera del"scat" .O según disco "Las flores de mi vida" (Satchmo record 2003) y unrecorrido intimista en clave de jazz. Posteriormente "Coloreados" junto alguitarrista Kiko Aguado y "Simpatía" año 2008.

Albert Sanz [piano]
Estudió en el Taller de Músic y Conservatorio de Valencia. Graduado en laBerklee Collage of Music de Boston. Profesor del Conservatorio Superior deMúsica de Euskadi Musikene. Colaboura con Joe Lovano, Perico Sambeat, MarkTurner, Jordy Rossy, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Chris Cheek. Premio Pianistarevelación 1999 en la Bienal de Jazz Tete Montoliu.

Valentín Iturat [batería]
Estudió en la Drummers Collective. Traballa en televisión, cine ypublicidad, acompaña a grupos y solistas de diferentes estilos musicales:jazz, rock, pop, músicas del mundo ... Tocou con Andreas Prittwitz, JavierSánchez,Charlie Moreno, Moisés Sanchez, José Ramón Abella, Raúl Marquez,José Antonio Ramos entre otros.

Escola de MúsicaPraza A Castaña, 2 baixo – 36002 – Pontevedra, España

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